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The Importance of Wearing Cycling Gloves

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October 8, 2018
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October 17, 2018
The Importance of Wearing Cycling Gloves

Imagine crashing with gloveless hands. Ouch! So, here we are discussing the many benefits of wearing cycling gloves (beyond crash protection, of course).

Solid Grip
Cycling can make your palms sweaty, especially on a warm day. Although this is a sign that your body is functioning great, it could make cycling difficult. Gloves ensure your hands don’t slip off the handlebars. They soak up the sweat, keep your palms dry and enhance grip control.

Extra Cushioning
Padded or gel inserts in these cycling accessories provide that much-needed comfort and cushioning so your hands remain unaffected by the vibrations transmitted en route.

Beat the Winter Chills
Gloves provide insulation so your hands remain warm. So, when the temperature drops outside, these accessories could save you from the chills.

Fight the Rain
Come rain, the water on your handlebars is sure to loosen your grip. In such a scenario, cycling gloves sound better compared to bare hands, don’t they?

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Wipe a Runny Nose
Most gloves come with a towel section that’s just right for wiping a runny nose or even a sweaty face. Such privilege!

Avoid Numbness
The largest unprotected nerve in your body is right there on your arms; it’s the Ulnar nerve that runs directly under the wrist to some of the fingers. Constant cycling compresses the area and leads to numbness. However, with good gloves, this can be prevented.

Crash Protection
Last, but not the least, wear gloves because they make the perfect crash guard for your dear hands. Of course, you don’t plan a ride to crash. But, you don’t want to get nasty bruises and painful cuts either.

Do you have your own reasons to wear cycling gloves? Don’t forget to share with us.

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