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Cycling Accessories: Lista Rechargeable Bike Horn and Light

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Cycling Accessories
Bike Horn and Light are utmost essential cycling accessories for any rider. Bell/Horn necessary to warn pedestrians when using shared path. Headlights should be attached to handlebars and pointing down. Your lights can be a hazard if used incorrectly. You must not use cycle lighting equipment in such a way that it dazzles, confuses, or distracts so as to endanger the safety of other road users.



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  • Material: Rubber
  • In-Box Contents: 1 Piece Cycle Horn
  • Multi purpose: 2 necessity in 1 for cyclist, bike horn and bike front light excellent performance: 140db bicycle horn, super loud to attract passer-by and vehicles
  • 250, excellent performance: 140db bicycle horn, super loud to attract passer-by and vehicles
  • 250 lumen bicycle front light, ensure safety riding at dark night
  • Easily install and convenient use: 154 inch length of button wire, easily to mount on any place of the handlebar for convenient usage
  • Mounting bracket is retractable silicon rubber belt, suitable for the diameter of the handlebar approx 05 to 14 inch 3 modes


Customer Reviewes:

Absolute Satisfaction with the Product! Thank you so much to the vendor as well as Amazon.
No complaint about the packaging…..
No complaint about the delivery….. (delivered on Sunday, despite its ETD was Monday)
No complaint on its quality….. (came charged already, tested…. sound quality of the alarm and even light is pretty satisfactory one……
I purchased same model from the cycle retailer, but it costed me 800 rupees…. This one is absolute satisfactory deal!!!!
Go for it…

This torch is the best for short comutes. I used this on a long journey, and it became dim after using it roughly for 2;30-3 hrs. The device is rechargable which is good for short journeys, but for longer night journeys you will have to carry a secondary light as it will dim out eventually. Also it cant be used again with a set of new battery’s as it can only be used by charging it with a port. Also the horn on this device is freakishly loud. I think loud might be an understatement. So if you are using this on a busy road and you dare to use this horn, believe me when i say this, everybody will hear you. Even the people seating in the car. That is one of the things i like about this.


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