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How to select best bicycle for kids

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bicycle for kids

Children love to ride bikes. It is quite thrilling and exciting, doesn’t it? Your kid’s face of glee expresses it every time.  Aside, regular bike riding makes your youngster fit and healthy.

Therefore, bike for kids is a must need in their upbringing, these days. However, the focal point of this part is kids do not stay in the same size for a long time. Children are growing and they change almost every six months. Of course, it is impossible to change their bikes frequently. Apart from the comfort, you must volunteer on the fact of their safety and security while choosing a bike for them.  Plus, you must look into the style and looks of the vehicle. As a child, your kid probably wants a cool bike. You should not eliminate the style factors while selecting them for the little one.

Also, giving the kid a devastating bike is a bad idea. Make sure that you are providing a healthy habit to your child, not a malicious emotional malpractice. From toddler to teenager, they choose their bicycles by their eyes. On the other hand, the top bicycle for kids looks attractive as well as appropriate according to their age group because if the size of the bicycle is too small the child may feel sitting in a silly way on the bike. He or she may feel cramp. On the flip side, a taller bike than that of your kid’s size will give a long struggle to ride.

The perfectly right size for children is nothing but an illusion. Therefore, the manufacturers divide the height, style, safety and comfortless.

Here are the preferable bicycle sizes, according to the age:

Age 2-3:    wheel size 10-12 inches

Age 3-5:    wheel size 14 inches

Age 5-8:    wheel size 16-18 i9 nches

Age 7-9:    wheel size 20 inches

Age 9-12:    wheel size 24 inches

Buying bikes for the kids are not easy. As a parent, you are probably thinking about his or her safety, and your budget. However, your child may think about his (her) friend’s bike. Is this bike is better than Joseph or Steffi? Skip the idea to offer the little fellow of his brother’s old bicycle because the new generation bicycle for kids are improved and the manufacturers investigate the X-factor of the bike’s get up.  Fear not to buy an improved bike for your little starts. They are safer. You can relax at home when the kids are riding the bikes outdoor.

Some of the bicycle for kids we would like you to have a look:

What size bike does your child need?

Height does matter while choosing bikes for kids. The complete combination of height and reformation of the bike bring comfort and safety. Wheels are a vital part of the bikes. Therefore, the right size and height of a bike are always proportionate to the diameter of the wheels. Kids’ wheel sizes are generally available in 12, 16, 20, and 24 inches in the standard bike form.

Around 12 inches wheels are designed for those kids those who are at the starting age of bike riding. Kids at the age of 3 to 5 are able to ride those bicycles.  And by the time, the dimension of the wheel increase to 14 to 24 based on the kid’s age and height.

So, how do you determine the perfect bike for your kid?

According to the rule of thumb, you should make a rough assessment of your child’s right size of the bike by the length from the seat to the ground. The kid’s leg must touch the ground while sitting in the bike. Variations can come due to different designs, especially when they are moving towards adults from teenagers.

Follow the chart while buying a bike for kids:


Wheel Size        Age        Height        Height (in cm)

12″            2-3        2’10”-3’4″    85-100 cm

14″            3-4        3’1″-3’7″    95-110 cm

16″            4-5        3’7″-4’0″    110-120 cm

20″            5-8        4’0″-4’5″    120-135 cm

24″            8-11        4’5″-4’9″    135-145 cm

26″            11+        4’9″+        145+ cm


Another useful chart for selecting the right size of the bike, while you are more accurate about the leg length approach.

Wheel Size        Age        Inseam    Inseam

12″            2-3        14-17″        35-42 cm

14″            3-4        16-20″        40-50 cm

16″            4-5        18-22″        45-55 cm

20″            5-8        22-25″        55-63 cm

24″            8-11        24-28″        60-72 cm

26″            11+        26+’        70+ cm


Be more responsive and the most responsible while choosing for a bicycle for kids. Do not take any risk to your child’s health and happiness.

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