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How to Choose a right Cycle Helmet!

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October 10, 2018
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How to Choose a right Cycle Helmet!

Till mid 1970s, the use of cycle helmet wasn’t widespread. However, today, the demand is more than ever and at the same time it is important to wear. But questions like How to select? Size parameters? are still there, so here are a few tips to buy one:

  • Don’t Bring a Spatula to Gunfight

Focus on the helmet’s functionality so it serves the purpose. A road helmet is more compact and lighter than a mountain bike helmet. It’s aerodynamically superior and doesn’t necessarily need a visor. But, mountain bike helmets offer better coverage at the back and less venting. Also, they require visors. Other varieties include triathlon helmets that are absolutely built for time trial, and urban helmets meant for regular commuting and hanging out.

  • Don’t Cut Cost

A helmet can be replaced, your brain can’t be. Therefore, you need to purchase the best. Buy a cycle helmet which is safety certified, comfortable and fits right. Talking of size, the space between the bottom of the helmet and your eyebrows should fit only two fingers; the strap should form a ‘V’ under the earlobes; only one finger should fit under the chinstrap. Also remember, a lighter helmet that can protect your brain needs to be aerodynamically advance, ergo the high cost.

  • Safety First

Along with cycling gloves, cycle helmet is important equivalently. Old school helmets were no better than hairnets – flimsy and light. However, today we have technologically evolved and improved versions that bespeak high utilitarian value and structural integrity. Nevertheless, all this has arrived at the expense of safety. The trick is to look for helmets with MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System).

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  • Because Style Matters

Your cycle helmet need not be boring and you need not stick to the old-time salad bowl. After you are done brooding over purpose, cost, safety and fit, consider upgrading to a fashionable and trendy product that reflects your style.

Hope it will help you to buy correct cycle helmet .

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