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How to Adjust Bike Gears for Maximum Shifting

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How to adjust bike gears

If your bike is having a hard time shifting, staying in gear, or the chain is falling off, then how to adjust bike gears?

Adjust your Bike Gears

  1. Raise the bike of the land on a bike stand.You want to be able to spin the wheels easily without the bike moving. The best technique to this is with a bike stand.


  1. Set your Derailleurs.Derailleurs are the machines that actually shift your gears and maintain your chain in place. There has one on the back wheel added to the cassette (gears collection) and another smaller derailleur close to the pedals.


  1. Identify your shifting troubles by testing each gear.Using single hand to lightly pedal the bike, shift during adjust bike gear slowly, starting with each gear on the back derailleur. Rise every gear once and down each gear once.


  1. Get the cable adjusters.Trail the cables leading to the derailleurs to get the adjusters, that look like small nuts or barrels adjacent the cables. Here may be two for every cable – First one at the derailleur end and second by the handlebars.


  1. Shift to your “difficulty gear.” whereas pedaling the bike with a single hand, shift your gears up until you get a difficulty, as if the chain won’t be the shift, has a problem staying on the gear, or will skip a gear. Don’t shifting when you get an issue, but maintain your bike in that gear.


  1. Release your cable adjuster when the chain won’t shift down.If you have a problem shifting as lower your adjust bike gears, then release the cable adjuster by spinning it counterclockwise. Twist the adjuster slowly, rotating until the chain falls into the exact gear.

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