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How these tips can improve your mountain biking experience

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Tips to improve your mountain biking experience.

A mountain biking trip resembles this: You’re bicycling, but the route doesn’t make sense. It’s terrifying, yet fun. Nevertheless, here are a few tips every rookie mountain biker wished they knew:

View Your Range

Before kicking it into gear, look beyond the obvious obstacles toward your destination. Leveled chin, eyes forward – that’s how it is.

Loosen Up

A rugged terrain demands you let your bike do its job. How? – By loosening up. Come rocks and roots, lift your butt. Descend with flared-out elbows and knees. Higher the difficulty level more the space needed.

Control Impetus

This would tease your intuition. On a tough trail, speed up and hold your speed, too. Save the momentum to clear your path and move forward.

Shift Weight

There’ll be steep inclines and deep declines. Your body weight needs to centre on the rear wheel. Ergo, focus on shifting your weight. Pull your body to the opposite to where the trail heads.

Brake Easy

Mountain bikes have powerful brakes; be easy on them. Modulate with one or two fingers; never pull both of them to the bars. Adjustment is the key.

Gear Up

When you’re mountain biking, use all gears. Remember, the terrain ahead is ever-changing. Now it shoots and now it falls. Stay prepared.

Fine Tune Suspensions

Modern-day mountain bikes come with front suspension forks and rear shock absorbers that make bumps less bothersome. Adjust them to let them work the way you want.

Learn Basic Repairs

If something breaks, you need to be battle-ready to fix it. Learn how to repair a flat or broken chain or a bend. Remember to carry basic equipment with you: a spare tube, multi-tool and pump. Also, don’t forget food.

Extreme terrains are to be conquered, not feared.

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