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Cycling Benefits that go beyond Physical Perks!

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October 3, 2018
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Tips for Cycling Benefits

Cycle every day and you would lose weight; there is no better exercise. But, what lies beyond the ordinary? Here are a few cycling benefits that go beyond physical fitness:

Improved Brainpower

Cycling every day keeps issues like Alzheimer’s and ADHD/ADD away. This has been proved by Charles Hillman and Dr. Phil Tomporowski back in 2007. Trying is believing!

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Speedy Recovery

If you are a regular cyclist, osteoarthritis would bother you a tad lesser when you grow old. Few minutes of exercise a day help you recover fast.

Good Heart

When you cycle on a daily basis, you decrease the chances of developing high blood pressure. This has been proved in a study in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.

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Sex Appeal

Did you know, cyclists are thought to be cooler, more intelligent than other people? Yeah, with such cycling benefits, your chances to get lucky in love are high!

Fat Reduction

It is different from weight loss because the latter only reduces the fat cells; it does not make them go away. Cycling helps in both.

Cancer Abatement

To keep cancer at bay, your efforts need to go beyond maintaining a healthy diet. Start with cycling. It is the most basic form of fitness regime that almost always works.

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Greater Confidence

Cycling triggers the secretion of feel-good hormones that help you perceive emotions associated with happiness. You should let this happen more often.

Increased Life Expectancy

According to Tour de France riders, one of the biggest advantages of cycling is, it increases your longevity by a whopping 17%! Even the most casual cyclists are sure to receive this benefit.

So, now that you know the cycling benefits that actually matter, get going!


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